Kalimac (kalimac) wrote,

political trivia again

It's called Anglophilia when Americans have it about Britain ... I'm not sure what it's called when it's the other way around ... but here's a column about the weight of the U.S. in British politics, with this little game-playing anecdote:
Daniel Finkelstein, once William Hague’s chief political adviser and now a distinguished columnist, has a game he plays with Andrew Cooper, David Cameron’s director of strategy, the object of which is to name, starting with the most recent, as many losing vice-presidential candidates as you can. So: Palin, Edwards, Lieberman, Kemp, Quayle, Bentsen, Ferraro, Mondale… struggling?… Dole, Shriver, Muskie, Miller… most politicos have given up by now, but Cooper and Finkelstein storm on, or rather backwards, into the Fifties.
About which I can be terribly condescending, because it's at least a century before my offhand memory starts to go spotty on this quintessentially trivial list, to which I am eagerly looking forward to adding the name of Ryan.
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